The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre launches a free Machine Learning online training based on industrial data in collaboration with Cap4 Lab.

23 avril 2021 par
vanessa Icardi Serrami

The aim of this new training, focusing essentially on the Industrial Environment, is to teach how to create predictive models for future events with real-world data sets. 

The programme has been developed at the initiative of the Luxembourg Government (SMC and MESR) and is based on a close and strong collaboration between the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (ULCC) and Cap4 Lab. The training will be made available for free on the KI Campus German learning platform. Its objective is to connect AI and machine learning algorithms to APIs in order to analyse a data set and thus produce a predictive model for future events: Industry 4.0 at its essence.

The programme will be launched on May 3rd, 2021 in the form of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and will last until October 4th, 2021. The 5-month training is divided into 10 modules, includes interactive webinars with top experts and will be rewarded with a certificate of completion.

This course does not require coding abilities and is aimed at an audience that does not necessarily have experience in programming.

Why Machine Learning? 

There is a rising demand for AI and machine learning technologies within the industrial sector. The reason behind this is very often a quest for predictive models for future events. AI-based algorithms and machine learning require massive quantities of data to learn patterns that make future behaviour predictable. “An industry based on APIs can be a great source of learning and training for AI-based tools and algorithms, especially when APIs are already producing meaningful and clean data”, explains Mauro Rocco, CEO and Founder of Cap4 Lab. 

The partners

The project, initiated by the Luxembourg Government, came into being thanks to the collaboration between two major players, both experts in their own field. 

As an expert in digital pedagogy and the deployment of large-scale e-learning projects aimed at upskilling professionals, the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre enhances knowledge transmission between the academic and the business worlds via continuing education and lifelong training. It was a logical choice by the Government to put the ULCC in charge of the design of the pedagogical engineering modules for this MOOC.

Cap4 Lab, a major IT consulting company specialised in systems architecture and integration completed the MOOC with a unique course around machine learning in an industrial environment based on concrete cases from the manufacturing industry. A dedicated platform using real-world data has been developed to facilitate the practical experiences and perform the exercises. The learner can experiment with data sets integrated into the platform, apply the data pre-processing techniques, test and parametrise different machine learning algorithms, analyse and evaluate parameters of performance and create ready-to-use models. 

The entire training will be deployed on, an online learning platform where free courses are offered to students, professionals and other learners interested in AI. 

The project benefits from the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Media and Communication Department of the Luxembourg Ministry of State.

To register to the course: 

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