PBV Directory now accepts payments in Cryptocurrencies

5 janvier 2022 par
vanessa Icardi Serrami

Milan, 5th January 2022 - PBV Directory (www.pbvdirectory.com), the global legal directory working on alternative data analysis in order to rate lawyers globally, now accepts payments in Cryptocurrencies.

The directory, powered by PBV Monitor (https://pbvmonitor.com), and launched in 2021, analyses the activity of more than 190.000 lawyers and 10.100 law firms globally.

Using an innovative methodology based on alternative data analysis, PBV Directory has introduced a series of innovations in the legal directory business to better highlight lawyer and law firm experiences and competencies, highlighting a series of parameters clients need to pre-select at global level.

Keeping its focus on innovation, and considering that the future of payments will undoubtedly be influenced by Gen Z & Millennials, PBV Monitor has implemented payments in cryptocurrency in order to better meet the needs of young lawyers listed in our global directory with a strong preference for smooth, secure and fun payments.

Ambrogio Visconti, CEO of PBV Monitor comments: “Even if listing and ranking in our directory is obviously free of charge and is directly connected to the lawyers and law firms activity on the market for clients - starting from September 2021 - PBV Directory gave to lawyers and law firms the possibility to buy a Premium profile adding specific information about experiences and lawyers and law firms contact details to boost their visibility in PBV Directory. The possibility to pay in cryptocurrency this additional visibility was a natural evolution for this product that aims to be perceived as a strong innovator in a conservative segment such as the legal directory one”.

At this link you can view the Media Kit of PBV Directory.